How might we shift our relationship to resources?

As we interrogate the roots of racism, we must acknowledge the relationship between capitalism and racism and imagine new ways of relating to resources.

“To be truly transformative we need to work toward filling the spiritual void left by an economy based on individualism, consumption, and exploitative waged labor.”

Michelle Mascarenhas-Swan

Michelle Mascarenhas-Swan

The Case for a Just Transition

Dr. Lomax Campbell

Wealth Building as a Tool for

an Equitable Rochester

Sample Agenda for Shifting Our Relationship to Resources

As you gather with your team or group, the agenda below can serve as a template that you are encouraged to refine and adapt to your needs.

1. Check-in:

- Read Faylita Hicks’ poem “Before Moving to Austin,” which can be found at the bottom of their story, A Century of Disg(race)

- In small groups, reflect on what the piece evokes in you. What does it say about how we use resources as people and in our cities/institutions? What might a new version of this poem read like after anti-racist transformations in our cities?

2. Small group discussions:

- What are the ways resources are organized around your work? What shifts are needed? - Who benefits from current resource organization + allocation, and how do they wield their power through governance? - What are the underlying cultural assumptions, e.g., how do white supremacy, consumerism, and patriarchy play out in your work? How do other specific cultural assumptions prop up the system you’re discussing? - What resources are already in communities to support the resource shifts needed?

3. Share-out: How did folks in the different small groups experience the discussion about shifting resources? Are there any a-ha moments or next steps to lift up?


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